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3 Questions Agile Leaders are Asking Themselves in 2021

Top 3 Professional Agile Leadership Questions Being Asked in 2021

Business owners and entrepreneurs are searching for a key takeaway from 2020. If there’s anything we can learn from this veritable “mess” of a year, it’s the following: Uncertainty is here to stay. Hence it’s become important to know about the professional agile leadership questions. This reality might not feel incredibly comforting. But it holds the …

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How COVID-19 Has Affected Digital Transformation 1

What are the Greatest Effects of COVID-19 on Digital Transformation?

We’re still in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic and only beginning to understand its long-term implications. The virus’s physical effects surround us. From social distancing to face masks. Processing the full economic, business, and social consequences will take time. Because there has been a lot of effects of covid-19 on digital transformation. Of course, we also live in the age …

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Keys to a Successful Digital Transformation

5 Key Things to a Successful Digital Transformation: It’s Not All About Technology

The novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) first came to light on December 31, 2019. As we near the one-year anniversary of its appearance, we can all agree on one thing. The pandemic has radically changed how we do business. Organizations continue to realize the “status quo” isn’t good enough. They’re looking for ways to survive and thrive. For many companies, successful digital transformation …

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