3 Questions Agile Leaders are Asking Themselves in 2021

Top 3 Professional Agile Leadership Questions Being Asked in 2022

Business owners and entrepreneurs are searching for a key takeaway from 2020. If there’s anything we can learn from this veritable “mess” of a year, it’s the following: Uncertainty is here to stay. Hence it’s become important to know about the professional agile leadership questions. This reality might not feel incredibly comforting. But it holds the …

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Resilient Business Leaders During Crisis

How Resilient Business Leaders Manage During the COVID-19 Crisis

Who are resilient business leaders? Resilient business leaders are entrepreneurs, business owners, and business leaders who are looking at this environment that we are living in right now and see the need to make a pivot or a shift. Resilient business leaders are interested in leading from a grounded place, a place of calm, a …

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It's Always Time to Make Time & Express Gratitude in Business

It’s Always the Best Time to Express Gratitude in Business During COVID-19

So much is happening. And continues to unfold. Are you, your family, and your team making time to express gratitude in business or among your dear ones? Women Conquer Business Gratitude Resources Year-Round Gratitude is a Personal Value (video) Why Gratitude is Powerful in Life and Leadership (blog) Why Gratitude Makes You a More Powerful …

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Unshakeable Belief is the Truth Behind Overnight Success Stories

Unshakeable Belief is the Truth Behind Overnight Success Stories (Updated For 2022)

A couple of weeks ago, people celebrated the 50th anniversary of the US moon landing. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, President Kennedy — these are the people who get the most attention. Not unlike many other yarns we spin declaring the latest overnight success. We oversimplify success and then wonder why we don’t achieve it. Solving problems …

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Why Gratitude is Powerful in Life and Leadership

Why Gratitude in Leadership & Life is Massively Powerful (#1 Actionable Insights)

Let’s just start with the basics. What is gratitude in leadership? It’s the quality of being thankful. Every year at Thanksgiving time, messages constantly tell us how important it is to be thankful. First, let’s acknowledge that not everyone considers Thanksgiving a time to be thankful. Just last week I talked to a Native American …

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Make Curiosity a Priority for Innovation

3 Ways to Make Curiosity in Business a Top Priority For Innovative Brands

Curiosity killed the cat. Did you know the full phrase is “curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back?” Changes things a little, doesn’t it? If you go back further, it gets interesting — particularly in the business context. Having curiosity in business is crucial for innovation. “…Helter skelter, hang sorrow, care’ll kill a cat, up-tails all, …

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