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At Women Conquer Business, I intentionally seek out clients who align with our values. I place an emphasis on working with purpose-driven organizations, typically women or BIPOC-owned businesses.

My secret sauce is combining data and heart with a proprietary project approach to crafting marketing operations to help brands and businesses grow sustainably.

A Few of Our Favorite Engagements

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Jen is a REAL wizard and super-shero! With a heart of gold and ears like radar, she listened with intent to my needs and concerns. Jen then crafted a system that works for me and my current capabilities with a mindset for business expansion. She found and consolidated the right tools and programs that make my life easier and more effective. From Facebook to finances and everything between, Jen knows her stuff. Get the right person the first time around, hire her!

Loni Langdon
Founder, All Equines Bodywork

Jen is an outstanding strategist and also a warm and fun person to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of design and implementation of what will best serve you and your business at the stage that you are at; she will honestly tell you if something you are thinking won’t work or doesn’t make sense. I highly recommend working with Jen and the team that she is assembling to serve you!

Sandra Hughes
Founder, Life Reinvented®

We hired Jen to create a new website and improve our ability to attract and track traffic to our site. We couldn’t be happier with the result! Traffic is up and leads are stronger than ever.

Jeri Alcock
Partner & Senior Consultant, Rose City Philanthropy

Jen McFarland is your technology advocate and best friend when you are faced with thorny digital marketing and/or software implementation nightmares. She thoroughly enjoys helping businesses work through hard problems and technology minefields. Between her project management expertise and extensive understanding of software and technological business solutions, she helps businesses chose the best, most cost-effective solution and designs a plan to implement that solution as painlessly as possible. Her extensive experience implementing projects within both business and government environments makes her an ideal choice to help you with your technology implementation needs. Additionally, I’m happy to say that Jen is a trusted friend, professional sounding board, and all-around amazing person.

Gail Bendert
Founder and President, SBRG, Inc. (Consultant CFO)

Jen McFarland is the best combination I have seen since 1991, of high-level marketing operations guidance involving leadership, empathy, knowledge-prowess, and connections. As an entrepreneur and visionary, these four components are critical to the proper functioning of your marketing both online/technology-wise as well as offline. She not only leads you but demonstrates how your leadership in your style can radically shift the future of your business and marketing in a strong positive direction. Her humble yet clear approach gives you and your team complete confidence that you are in safe hands with the precious asset of your marketing engine. Rather than show you a rigid schedule fit with a rigidly assigned strategy and set of tactics, she listens keenly and with empathy to your needs and situation before giving sound and stress-reducing advice. Her depth of knowledge gained from decades of hard work and experience is an asset that any smart entrepreneur would want to have in his or her team. Last but not least, Jen brings connections and referrals from her community to get you high-quality support for the fulfillment of all portions of your marketing. With such a complete list of abilities as above, the smart thing to do is to have Jen advise you and be on your team. I highly recommend her.

Sunil Bhaskaran
Founder, Global Business Communities

Jen was our pitch hitter on a recent email project; She’s easy to work with and a great side-by-side partner, sharing her deep expertise.

Debbie Carter
Marketing Director, Solace Cremation

I spent many months trying to implement a software platform that I thought would meet my needs.  One hour on the phone with Jen got her creativity flowing.  The next day she sent me an email with a solution and recommendations for a new platform.  I couldn’t see it but she did.  She was spot on! Plan to work with her on my next project!

Don Haschert
CRSE Real Estate Group

Jen is a wonderful resource for women in business! Whether it’s helping to figure out website issues, structuring systems for working with clients or getting your business out there, or just supporting your business ideas with useful and practical suggestions, Jen is there to help. Jen is soooo knowledgeable when it comes to technology and is up on the latest trends and resources for your business – I can’t say enough good things about her!

Dr. Marci Koscki
Owner, Feline Behavior Solutions

My website needed an overhaul and I needed focus for my next big step (and how technology could help that step). Jen was encouraging, asked great questions and offered to implement impactful resources to help my business grow. Jen’s talent, practical sensibility and resourcefulness was exactly what my business needed. Jen not only helped me get clear on my vision, she helped me take my business to the next level. She is so incredibly resourceful and found tools that were the perfect fit for my business. I can’t begin to describe how spot-on Jen’s guidance is. She heard what my needs were and then, not only did she meet those needs, but she gave my business the turbo boost it needed. Jen is super easy to work with and I’m so grateful I found her.

Allison Kinnear
Owner, Life of Her Own

Jen is truly amazing to work with – she just gets it! She’s a connector of people and solutions and has vast business knowledge that is incredibly valuable to business owners and managers. I highly recommend Jen and Women Conquer Business.

Krissy Justice
Owner, TenKey Management & Bookkeeping Services

I took Jen’s Digital Marketing coaching seminar being that I just started my home-based business. Jen’s positive energetic personality and listening skills were able to gear me into the appropriate business how-to’s and real-world project planning. Jen’s soft skills business strategies helped me apply actionable project strategies which I am applying now. I am still in work progress, applying and improving with the marketing skills that Jen coached me in a very pro-active manner. I highly recommend taking Jen McFarland’s Digital Marketing Seminar. I’m glad did!

Pati Evangelista
Founder, Fly Me An Angel

Jen is a real whiz, truly. Identifies problems quickly, works with you to establish a strategy to address them, and generally improves the day-to-day and long-term functionality of your business.

Tanner Campbell
Owner, Portland Pod

I truly look forward to my consultations with Jen; I appreciate having objective input about my goals and strategies. I’m glad I’ve got Jen on my team!

Christine Ciana Calabrese

Jen worked with us through our startup and did an incredible job navigating our desires with how we wanted to present our newfound brand. She used online tools to keep us on task, worked with us on domain management, managed our SEO, was insightful and thoughtful in layout and design of our new website. Jen taught us how to use the tools and website design software, as it was necessary for us to have ultimate control once the site was up and running. After all was complete and up and running, she even monitored our actions, cleaned up our messes we inevitably made and coached us on how to optimize our activities for the best SEO results.

Christopher Wade
Owner, The Wiggle Room

Jen did a fantastic job of walking us through starting an online business. She guided us through web design and content and implemented a strategy so we could interface with other platforms to help us achieve our goals. I am so happy with our website and business plan and now feel ready to launch our new business. I know it will be a huge success in large part to Jen.

C. Gregory Thompson
Owner, Pen & Paper Writing Workshops

When we first met with Jen, we didn’t even know what to ask for. We wanted a website, but Jen helped us realize what we needed as we started envisioning our website. Not only is our website beautiful, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate, it achieved our goal of being more of a presence in our neighborhood.

Anne Holm
Board Member, Calvary Lutheran Church

Jen did a thorough, comprehensive review of my website and provided me with a report, including several ideas to improve the customer’s experience of my website. The written report contained some techno-babble which I, as a non-technical person, didn’t understand. But Jen went over it with me and explained it all in plain, understandable terms, so that I can probably make most of the adjustments myself. Jen was a pleasure to work with and really knows her stuff.

Dawn Jansen
Owner, Pawsitive Companion

Amazing! I did the website review with Jen, and she went above and beyond what I expected. Her review and the report were so detailed, yet really easy to understand. Jen walked me through the whole thing and answered all my questions in a language I could understand (non-techie). She gave me tons of suggestions and useful pointers on how to “fix” things myself. I loved working with Foster Growth and I’m excited to work with them some more. Great person – Great company!

Amber Cook, LMT
Creator and Owner, Healing Waze

Jen is easily the most thorough and dedicated person I have ever worked with on any project. Her attentiveness to detail, ability to communicate well with team members, work collaboratively in decision making, and her open and good-humored nature are what make Jen so easy to work with. She is trustworthy, discreet, caring and cool in a crisis. There is no one I would recommend more than Jen.

Rebecca Johnson
Sr. Product Merchandiser

We saw immediate growth in our visibility online after Jen helped us with our website. She has great SEO and graphic design skills – incredibly helpful with fast delivery.

Laurie Fish
Owner, CrossFit PE

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