DIY Digital Marketing Done Right For New & Emerging Local Businesses

are you ready to make the best marketing decisions for your business?

Many people find themselves piecing together their business’ marketing essentials based on what they can afford while asking their friends for advice on social media

Your business coach told you to get a website. But they don't know what platform you need. Guess what? Your buddies on Facebook don't know either.

Over the last 20 years, I've worked in research and development. The marketing tactics I see on social media make me sick. 

Small business owners have limited time, resources, and budget. Succumbing to shiny object syndrome and falling for the latest 6-figure 'magic pill' only serves to make us all poorer.

I get it. I have shiny object syndrome sometimes too. I fall down rabbit holes all the time. Those late-night Facebook ads are really tempting when you're tired and just want to increase your reach.

There is no magic pill or social media shortcut. But there is a path. A way to maximize your money, reduce frustration, and chart a course to sustained growth.

I’ve created the DIY Digital Marketing Done Right Course based on my work co-creating a digital marketing program for the City of Portland's Inclusive Business Network. Get your business' marketing up and running on solid ground, quickly, using tools you can afford, and while positioning your business for growth

I see advice all over facebook. 

all. the. time.

MailChimp Advice
Gmail Advice
Website Platform Advice
Email Marketing is Dead Advice
Business Name Advice
Website Advice

Look at all those comments. So much advice out there. Lots of bad, misguided advice. And that's just on Facebook. It doesn't include your other friends and family. This course answers questions like these. Delivered to you by an industry expert who's done all the research for you.

Starting a business is expensive. DIY Digital Marketing Done Right puts you on the fast track building a great foundation with cost-effective, scalable business tools. 

Unless you are in the business of running businesses, you need systems that handle the biz end while you do what you're best at — creating your products or delivering services. DIY Digital Marketing Done Right assures your business is set up on the right platforms, collecting essential customer information, with basic automations in place. I will give you practical steps to conquer your local market while minimizing your time spent spinning your wheels on social media.

The interwebs is a big place, make sure you have the right tools to be seen. DIY Digital Marketing Done Right gives you what you need in order to rise to the top.

Maximize your time and money with DIY Digital Marketing Done Right.

I’ve done the work for you. Vetted digital marketing tools to help your business grow.

You have a product (or service). Now what? DIY Digital Marketing Done Right outlines a proven strategy to launch your biz in a way that provides stability and room for growth.

Jen worked with us through our startup and did an incredible job navigating our desires. She worked with us on domain management, SEO, and  guided the layout and design of our website. Jen taught us how to use the tools and optimize our activities for the best results.

Chris Wade

Portland  Business Owner

topics covered

  • Why your business name is important

  • Domain Names 101: What is it, Where to Buy and Host Your Domain(s)

  • The advantages of Business Email and Productivity Software

  • How to Keep Your Customer List in One Place (instead of all over the place)

  • Branding 101, oh, and about keeping track of important files - like logos and product pictures

  • Are you ready to meet people offline?

  • Websites: What to Know Before You're Gung Ho: recommended hosting, platforms, content, analytics, and your customers

  • SE-Oh My God: what's SEO and how to get started

  • Customers and Community: The importance of testimonials, feedback, and local profiles

  • Email Marketing 101

  • Integrations: why your accounting software and booking software are more important than you think

  • Google My Business: Your New Homepage

  • Social Media for Small Business: creating profiles, where to focus, how to schedule

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After you buy the course you'll get a special link to share it with your friends. If you share that link and get 5 friends to buy the course,  you'll make your money back. Why? Because I'm so passionate about helping small business owners I'm doing everything I can to make it affordable and get into as many hands as possible.

Jen McFarland Consulting podcast

Hi! I'm Jen!

For the last 10+ years, it's literally been my job to research and solve business problems — in the public sector, in the private sector, 7+ figure projects and solopreneur struggles. I've also spent 8+ years in marketing and design.

This online course is based on the digital marketing program I co-created for the City of Portland's Inclusive Business Network for new and emerging local businesses.

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