Emmy-Nominated Writer and Producer Senta Scarborough

Hanging with Emmy-nominated writer and producer Senta Scarborough to talk about the upcoming podcast episode and take questions from listeners like you.


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About Senta Scarborough

Senta Scarborough

Senta Scarborough is an award-winning journalist and Emmy-nominated producer.  She is the founder of Sentamatic Media focusing primarily on screenwriting, journalism and non-fiction projects. Her work has appeared in AdweekIntoUSA Today, E! News, US Weekly Magazine and Asheville Poetry Review, among others.  She currently serves on the board of directors for the National Gay and Lesbian Journalist’s Association. She holds her MFA in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts from the University of California Riverside/Palm Desert. She lives in Los Angeles with her wife, Katie, and their dog, Sadie. Find her on social media @sentascar.

Emmy-Nominated Writer and Producer

Interview Transcript

Jen – Jen McFarland

Sen – Senta Scarborough

00:00:00:26 – 00:00:06:11

Jen: Oh my God. Here we are. It’s like Facebook Live are you Are you there. Can you see me? I’m here.

00:00:06:27 – 00:00:14:13

Sen: It’s on a Highland Park garage in a deluge of rain with Octo-Mom. We’re all good with Octo-Mom.

00:00:14:13 – 00:00:15:27

Jen: I know that’s scarring for me.

00:00:16:26 – 00:00:30:08

Sen: I knew you would want one. Since we’re here in L.A. So anything too bad. I’ve got my body board and I can just surf out of here if there’s an emergency. So it’s good. Yeah. Yeah.

00:00:30:09 – 00:00:43:02

Jen: Is it raining that much? Dude she totally froze up. There you are. Wait. Is it raining that much? And now you’re back.

00:00:43:02 – 00:00:53:18

Sen: It’s raining. It’s raining a lot. I mean it’s leaking in my garage so it’s raining a little bit here. I mean for L.A. I mean it’s not probably Portland standards of course.

00:00:54:14 – 00:01:11:21

Jen: But like it tells you it’s like it’s it’s like L.A. here today. It’s Super sunny. Booker’s looking at me like Can we go for a walk now. Like why are you going into the room like let’s go hang out outside because it’s sunny and nice.

00:01:13:00 – 00:01:14:02

Sen: I said you should.

00:01:14:04 – 00:01:23:02

Jen: I will after this. So I feel like I should let you know something super important today. I gave you an Emmy. You’re welcome.

00:01:23:29 – 00:01:24:20

Sen: Oh thank you.

00:01:24:20 – 00:01:34:24

Jen: Telling somebody that I was interviewing you for the podcast and I’m like well an Emmy Award winner it doesn’t get on the show very often. I was like oh an Emmy nominated.

00:01:37:01 – 00:01:46:11

Jen: I’m twice nominated twice nominated. So do you want to talk about what you were nominated for writer and producer Senta Scarborough?

00:01:46:13 – 00:02:07:08

Sen: Sure. I mean I. I was a senior and begins to be a reporter for E News for about three and a half years. And so I was nominated for overall coverage one year and then I was also nominated for a special weekend for Joan Rivers when she passed away and I led all of the newsgathering coverage for that special. So we were nominated for that.

00:02:07:12 – 00:02:18:18

Sen: I mean a lot to a city because obviously Joan Rivers is an icon of E’s Fashion Police. So it was a very emotional time for everybody. Many people knew her very well.

00:02:18:18 – 00:02:33:04

Sen: I had ridden an elevator with her once. So and I know her nephew very well. We’re good. And so it was something that was really tough for us to get through. So as one of those times in the newsroom which it’s not just you’re covering a story it’s something that you’re covering.

00:02:33:07 – 00:02:48:29

Sen: That means a lot to everyone and you also understand that it’s you know one of the great women comedians of our time and someone who broke barriers for us. Yeah so and a lot. So you know of both of my nominations that one means the most by far.

00:02:49:18 – 00:02:56:19

Jen: Oh wow. What else are you nominated for. Well the pro the program itself for our news. So you can. Like

00:02:56:19 – 00:03:05:03

Sen: Like you know all the different entertainment news shows compete for the nominations and so we were we were nominated for our coverage for the year.

00:03:05:03 – 00:03:29:21

Jen: Yeah yeah. No Joan Rivers is awesome. I take quotes from her every once in a while and put him on my Facebook because I think that she just had so many cool things to say and then yeah later on she became more of like an icon and in fashion and things like that which is good for E. But as a female comedienne you know I always thought maybe she could take over like The Tonight Show or something like I thought that she was just that good.

00:03:31:27 – 00:04:10:18

Sen: She started out writing jokes for maybe I think it might have been the Tonight Show. She was one of the first that that actually got like her show or her car her heard her jokes on. I’m trying to think there was there was some. It was I was a little anecdote about her about like some like how she first broke into it but it was writing jokes for other comedians and and you know she just was like fierce. I mean when they you know in her apartment she had like just huge huge like binders like you know like kind of big I don’t know I guess like office cut shows kind of thing just full of.

00:04:10:19 – 00:04:17:21

Jen: I mean she saved every one of her jokes something these like little cards so binders full of women which is yeah.

00:04:17:21 – 00:04:28:20

Sen: But is binders full of funny shit women. Yeah. So yes it’s really amazing to see that somebody would work that hard and fast so hard you know and wanted did you do it her way and she was great.

00:04:29:06 – 00:04:40:06

Jen: Yeah I know. That’s awesome. It’s like I have always. So we’ve we’ve been friends for like 20 years so it’s always been fun like getting all of me man.

00:04:40:08 – 00:04:44:27

Sen: You know what 20. That’s a long time.

00:04:44:27 – 00:04:47:17

Jen: I mean it’s kind of awkward because I’m like 22.

00:04:47:18 – 00:04:51:28

Sen: But well we met when we were 1. It’s awesome.

00:04:53:22 – 00:05:11:09

Jen: Yeah but I’ve always loved all of your stories. And one of the reasons that we’re having you on the show is to talk about storytelling and about how important the stories that we tell are and that’s why we’re doing this little teaser we’re not actually doing the whole show here on Facebook because you know neither one of us really do Facebook lives very often.

00:05:12:01 – 00:05:19:06

Sen: I’ve seen steal everything. So you know sorry Facebook but you know we’ve got to keep it to ourselves a little bit. So.

00:05:19:09 – 00:05:54:04

Jen: Well yeah. Because if we don’t who’s going to listen but it isn’t good opportunity if people are watching to give us questions like if you could ask an Emmy nominated writer anything. What would you ask her. I mean I’m putting it out there so you can leave us some comments or reactions and then we can see if we can fit into the show. We did because Santa is a reporter. Have to have prepared questions and like it had to pass you know all of the muster like you know because we do that here at the Third Paddle especially when dealing with such a big name like Senta Scarborough.

00:05:54:07 – 00:05:54:21

Sen: Yes.

00:05:54:22 – 00:06:10:22

Sen: Emmy nominated journalist and screenwriter but you weren’t you weren’t nominated for screenwriting but you take a shirt today for UCR for where I got my MFA in screenwriting so I will shout out the old alone.

00:06:11:06 – 00:06:24:10

Jen: Exactly. So I guess we’re gonna have to save a lot for the interview but do you want to share just like a quick story about anything about anything.

00:06:24:29 – 00:06:28:24

Sen: Well you know I when it comes to storytelling.

00:06:30:11 – 00:07:02:14

Sen: You know I think it’s just important for everybody to know that we’re all storytellers like what we do every day is share information about ourselves. So we’re always constantly kind of creating our own narrative. And for me I think some of my favorite stories are ones when I was like a kid like growing up like looking back when I was young and something that most people don’t know is that the when I was a little kid I fell in love with movies and I guess one of the movies that I loved the most was Benji which is not that surprising guy.

00:07:03:02 – 00:07:06:07

Jen: And it was my favorite too.

00:07:06:11 – 00:07:08:08

Sen: This was a good movie.

00:07:08:08 – 00:08:05:10

Sen: It’s a good movie. You know I love dogs like my dogs are like my kids. And so my my oldest friend Glenn who I’m still in touch with I saw him just a couple of actually about a month ago. We would come home every day from school and we would run and we would write a like Benji to like the like you know. So we would like him home and we would like sit down write out like our script what we thought would be next in the story and then we’d go act it out. And so like Benji 2 I guess this is like my first screenplay I ever wrote. So it’s pretty cool and I think it’s good for people to kind of go and go back in their lives and think about the stories they tell themselves and the stories that really have meaning for them and that ones one that we share because I can remember being like 8-9 years old and like you know working with like my oldest friend on the planet you know on something as iconic as Benji. So it’s pretty cool.

00:08:06:01 – 00:08:12:11

Jen: Oh my God that’s so awesome. It’s so funny that in all this time we’ve been friends we never got to the I love Benji moment.

00:08:13:15 – 00:08:16:03

Sen: I mean he’s the best. You got to love Benji.

00:08:16:03 – 00:08:26:13

Jen: I know I’m always shocked when I say like I loved Benji and they’re like What. What’s that. And like people our age it just there’s no excuse for that I’m sorry.

00:08:27:06 – 00:08:54:12

Sen: It’s true it’s true. It’s like Oh Yeller. You know like those were the classics like I look at all the movies today that are about dogs you know and there’s so many good ones now actually. We’re like we had them too. We just have like stories like Old Yeller line we had Benji and things like that. So I think there’s something about our relationship with animals and how we love them and how they love us unconditionally in a way that you just can’t really get from other relationships. And it’s something universal you know. So it’s pretty cool.

00:08:54:22 – 00:08:55:06

Jen: Wow.

00:08:55:07 – 00:09:18:13

Jen: I think that’s so true. I think that we better stop talking because otherwise we’re not gonna be anything left to talk about on the show. Senta Scarborough is gonna be on the podcast in about two or three weeks we’re gonna keep talking about storytelling and stories we tell and the importance of stories in our lives. And so you’ll want to check that out at jenmcfarland.com/podcast.

00:09:18:26 – 00:09:22:18

Jen: And that’s the end of this Facebook Live.

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