Why You Are The Ultimate Leader of Your Circus

Sharing is Good Karma

Technology Management for Non-Technical People

Imagine you are a plate spinner. You’ve got three sticks in the air, and right at this moment, someone is quickly shoving another right in front of your nose for you to grab. You grab hold of it quickly. But, once you do, everything starts wobbling. Your plates are going to crash. Overwhelmed, you take a deep breath and realize you can’t hold on much longer. You need someone else to take one of the plates.

Sounds an awful lot like running a business, huh? 

It’s a circus.

As a business owner, especially a small business owner, there are a lot of things you can handle. However, like a hot potato right out of the oven, there are also a lot of things you DON’T WANT to handle…*cough, cough*…like technology.And guess what!? That’s okay! Believe it or not, you don’t HAVE to do everything. Delegating tasks is okay. In fact, it’s wise to delegate tasks.

But, when you do transfer tasks to someone else, you still have to know what’s going on.Think about it this way. Your business is a circus (you already knew that). You have the clowns (your main product), the acrobats (your marketing), and the lions (technology). Each is an integral component of the show. Unfortunately, a person can’t be a clown, acrobat, and lion tamer all in the same night. However, one person can be the ringmaster. And, as the ringmaster, you can coordinate all of the acts to create a great show. Your business should be the same.Remember, if there was no ringmaster the lions might eat the clowns.

So, like the ringmaster of a circus, you should know what is going on with every component of your business at any given moment. You should understand how each act (or department) coordinates to create the big picture.

And, you should know how that big picture is going to help you reach your goal.So, go out. Find the lion tamers, the clowns, the acrobats.

Just don’t forget to be the ringmaster.

Always in control.

Why You Are The Ultimate Leader of Your Circus

Sharing is Good Karma

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