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Guest Articles

3 Ways Finance Tech Leaders Can Approach Digital Transformation in the New Year, Ordway

Why Unshakeable Belief is the Truth Behind Overnight Success, The Startup

How to Make Curiosity a Priority for Innovation, The Startup

This is How Your Business Succeeds: Vision, Reflection, Education, The Startup

His Awesome Journey Will Make You a Better Leader, The Startup

Why Authenticity Attracts More Clients, The Startup

What No One Tells You About Website Ownership, The Startup

Select Media Mentions

Creativity Published, Content Creators Planner

Your Lack of a Website Says Something About You and It’s Not Good, Jennifer Anastasi

Podcast: She was a pioneer in baseball business and civil rights, Bizwomen

5 Ways to Be a Better Leader Even if You’re Not the Boss, Lyndsay Montina

Digital Marketing Tips a topic at Rural Business and Innovation Summit 2019, Klamath Falls News

Juggling Launching a New Business and Full Time Employment, Grasshopper Blog

A Few of Our Favorite Podcast Interviews

Angela Henderson Business & Life Conversations Podcast
Sophia Wise One Vagina Talks
Get the Right Balance Heather Zeitzwolfe
Key Conversations for Leaders John Ryan
ecommerce marketing podcast

Podcast Interviews

Listen to the episodes below. Or, for a most complete list, scroll below the player to read about the episodes and learn about the podcasters kind enough to have me on their shows.

Messages & Methods: Livecast Life 2.0

Automation Tips & Tools for Online Entrepreneurs with Jen McFarland: Watch this episode on YouTube

Advising Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders With Jen McFarland

Fabulous conversations about life, business, Peace Corps, and automating your business. Shelly and Toby are wonderful storytellers and it was a joy to be on their show (twice!).

eCommerce Marketing Podcast

Building Out Your eCommerce Tech Stack – with Jen McFarland: we talked specifically about how to build out your eCommerce tech stack, or all of the programs you need in order to take payments seamlessly for your business, including the foundational, behind-the-scenes pieces every business needs to support online transactions (website, shopping cart, your marketing tools, the integrations between these, etc.). Learn how to build out your backend systems to run a successful eCommerce business.

Leadership Junkies

Embracing Technology to Grow Your Business and Your Impact: Are you confused by technology? Are you trying to figure out digital marketing for your business? Are you looking for ideas to help your business and operations run more smoothly and effectively? Do you want to amp up your impact? Our special guest Jen McFarland answers these and other questions about technology, AI, and digital marketing.

The Pricing Lady

Pricing When Your Offer Isn’t the “Magic Pill”: Pricing your offer is a challenge under “normal” circumstances, but what if your offer isn’t like the “magic pills” everyone else is offering? It’s not that it’s not valuable it just doesn’t have that “sexiness” that other offers do. I shared my pricing journey; how I’ve gone about pricing my offer. I also confess I was charging way too little and learned the hard way about the pitfalls of charging by the hour. If you’re trading time for money or if your offer isn’t the coolest thing on the block, then you’ll want to watch this interview.

The Mitch Gray Show

Let’s Slay Your Marketing Tech Overwhelm with Jen McFarland: Jen and Mitch talk about life and leadership along with marketing. “A lot of technology is about making a vision come true, but that’s really what the beauty of technology can be. That’s why so many people, I think it’s magic. What you need in the beginning is somebody to say, just tell me what you want to do. I’ll see if I can make it happen for you. And that’s the essence of what an empathetic tech translator is. It’s not stopping the person and saying, well, you didn’t use the right word. It’s not explaining what technology is and what it can do. It’s actually listening to the vision and then taking it back and either working on it yourself or working with another person who will be implementing it.”

Calling on You with Adam Webber

Jen: Flying through Fear: Today Jen called in to share her fear of heights. We spoke about how in college Jen was inspired to join the Peace Corps and this driving inspiration was a force that made challenging fears worthwhile. Jen talks about when your inspirations, ambitions, and callings are larger than your fears you will surpass anything in life that might hold you back. Jen talks about being a lifelong learner, having a growth mindset, and the importance of asking questions. When facing a fear, ask yourself… what am I giving up if I don’t do this?

Vagina Talks with Sophia Wise One

Working Easier Together with Jen McFarland: The tides are turning in America. Direct change is coming from our diligence, practice, and care. As we look to the future and the immense amount of work ahead of us, Jen is here to teach us ways of working smarter so we can arrive.

Get The Balance Right

Work Smarter – Achieve Your Goals the Correct Way with Guest Jen McFarland: On this podcast, you’ll learn the truth that despite strategy and tenacity, working hard is not necessarily enough to achieve your goals. You’ll also get insights on why you want to take a step back before starting SMART goals and how execution is really the key to success.

Wealth Tactic Rebels

Avoid These 5 Common Business Mistakes: Did you know that businesses, no matter how big or small, experience similar obstacles as they move from idea to goals to finishing a project? Join host Kevin Dumont and guest expert Jen McFarland in rooting out 5 common mistakes many business owners make and how to solve them.

Precious the Foodie

White Privilege & Mac and Cheese Paninis: We about white privilege and allyship. Also, as restaurants begin to open we’ll discuss if mom and pop’s are doomed or will they be able to rise from the ashes, post COVID-19. Plus, great eats around Portland.

#365Firsts Podcast

Expert Advice Before Time Volunteering for the Peace Corps: Our guest for this episode, Jen McFarland, had some wonderful insights to share about the Peace Corps and provided us with some great information for potential first-time volunteers.

One Big Tip

Jen McFarland, Founder, Women Conquer Business: What we have oftentimes among entrepreneurs and small businesses is a disconnect. And then that’s what causes things like mission drift, where you’re working on something that’s really not connected to what is core to your business.

Key Conversations for Leaders

Building & Climbing the Right Mountain with Jen McFarland: The importance of strategic alignment when planning strategic business inititatives.

Women In Business

The Importance of Strategic Planning For Capital Raising: Why it’s important to plan even when you don’t have all of details. In fact, why that’s essential — especially if you’re raising capital.

Audacious Leaders 

The Crazy-Simple Sweet Spot to Reach Your Goals: Sometimes it’s around clarifying the goals with consistency, knowing your capacity, aiming for legacy, and staying on track are the sweet spot of success.

The Growing Your Team 

Why Grateful Leaders Have Better Businesses: Why gratitude leadership is essential for business success, how you can apply it, and how to use your team to set and achieve strategic goals.

The Honest Uproar

Firecracker Jen: Join us as we discuss Jen’s experience as part of the Peace Corps, about how being childfree has changed her relationships with friends, and about notable childfree women who have inspired her life.

Grow Smarter

How to Use Gratitude Based Leadership to Grow your Business Smarter (Interview: Jen McFarland): Jen McFarland Joins us to share her insights on applying Gratitude-based Leadership, Strategic Project Planning, and DigitalMarketing to Grow your Business Smarter.

Ask Win

Jen McFarland: Jen sits down with Win Kelly Charles. This broad-based interview covers Jen’s Peace Corps in Kazakhstan, teaching and education, podcasting, and how we can support each other.

Marketing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them) with Stacy Jones

Becoming an Effective Leader of a Successful Business with Jen McFarland: Stacy Jones sits down with CEO of Women Conquer Business, Jen McFarland. The two discuss Jen’s three pillars for becoming a great business leader and little ways to distinguish yourself in the growing economy.

The EGGS Podcast

Jen McFarland Talks Podcasts and How to Run Your Business Efficiently: We had a great time exploring topics like time management, carving out productivity killers and documenting and achieving goals.

Business & Life Conversations with Angela Henderson

Why Gratitude Makes You a Powerful Business Owner with Jen McFarland: Jen explains how surrender, gratitude and abundance are all interconnected and how this can benefit our life and business in the most positive and powerful way.

Cultural Differences & Cultural Diversity in International Business

Jen McFarland on Equality and Being Ethno-Relative: Get Jen’s tips on being more culturally competent.

She Breaks Thru with Thembi Bheka

How to Achieve Your Business Goals with Jen McFarland: Jen discusses eliminating distractions and how to think through your ideas. 

The Entrepreneur’s MBA

Conquer The World Of Business with Jen McFarland and Adam Kipnes: Jen talks about helping growing and pivoting businesses.

Tea Time with Tajuana

Jen and Tajuana Paige talk about why all women need a seat at the table. Jen talks about women-owned business, tech as a growth tool, and podcasting.

Business Owner Freedom

Jen and Gregory Gray talk about clarity, mindset, and successful projects. Jen outlines three types of leaders she often works with inside companies. 

Word of the Week

UNFEIGNED. Jen chats with Liz Zirk about living with an open heart. Jen McFarland stops by and chats with being genuine. 

Moving Forward Leadership

Jen and Scott McCarthy talk about leading change initiatives: Change is ever-present. If you are not changing, then you are not growing.

Word of the Week

SANGUINE. Jen and Liz chat about making up words and staying positive. Jen and Liz chat about being well-read, making up words, and staying positive. 

Heart & Hustle

Jen and Paulette Rees-Denis talk about why tech is important to your business.

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