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This is the most important step to protect your brand

What’s your brand worth​ to you?

Sometimes spending a little money on things like email adds credibility and security to your brand – and your customers.

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Transcript: This is the most important step to protect your brand

Hi. This is Jen McFarland talking to you from Washington, DC.

Today, we’re traveling a little bit. But I had this interaction with a customer, that I thought I would just share with all of you.

It’s about your brand, and how to protect it a little bit more. I work with a lot of small businesses, and often times they don’t have the budgets that the bigger businesses do. I’m a small business, I get it. Because I don’t really have a big budget either.

But sometimes it is important to really balance out how much money you want to spend.

And spend your money in a way that maybe isn’t as interesting to you as maybe some of the other ways that you spend money. But it really does protect your brand and help you out.

For example, I work with a lot of people who use Gmail. It would be like jenmcfarland<at>gmail.com as their business email. And that’s okay because Gmail is free.

But one of the first things I did when I started my business is run out and get a G Suite account. So that I could have fostergrowthpdx.com as the end of my email address (note: now jenmcfarland.com).

And what that does is it does lends some credibility.

It also means that people can use your email address to find your business website.

But more than that, it really does protect you if you use something like Office 365, or G Suite, or any other number of paid services as opposed to a free service. What that does for you is give you a layer of security and protection. So what you really can do then is if you have employees or you live and die by your phone, if something changes you’re a lot more agile.

That means that you have that security that can protect you. You can remotely wipe a phone. If you lose your phone then prevent people from using your work email. And communicating with your customers in ways that maybe you really don’t want to.

You can also remote wipe an employee’s phone or turn off that phone or that email account so that they can no longer write emails on behalf of your brand.

And we all like to think that we’ll never have an employee leave under bad circumstances, but it really does prevent you from having any sort of issues that you may not like.

So anyway, I hope you’re having a great Friday. And I hope this helps you with maybe protecting your brand a little bit more.

And I’ll be talking to you again soon. Thanks.

This is the most important step to protect your brand



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