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Encore: Why Procrastination Isn’t About Self-Control & Time Management

Welcome to this encore presentation of Why Procrastination Isn’t About Self-Control & Time Management

What if I told you procrastination wasn’t about self-control? Before you beat yourself up about your self-control or buy another time management app, learn why you procrastinate. Whether you consider procrastination to be your spirit animal or people who procrastinate drive you nuts you’re going to learn a few things (it might be a good time to spring clean your business!).

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The Procrastination Equation: How to Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Things Done by Piers Steel, Ph.D. (Kindle; Audible; Hardcover; Paperback)

why procrastination isnt about self control and time management

Transcript: Why Procrastination Isn’t About Self-Control & Time Management

The transcript is available with the original episode. 


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