Strategic Project Planning

Strategic project planning Jen McFarland

I help businesses connect their goals to the problem it wishes to solve, product(s) it’s selling, and the tasks it’ll take to get the job done.

I’ve used this model for every project I’ve led, no matter how big or small.

Strategic project planning guides you through a logical and intuitive process for developing a resilient project plan. I find typical project management terminology to be esoteric for people outside the project management profession, which is why I’ve created a program specifically for business leaders to build the projects they need to achieve their business goals.

Takes the best pieces of a strategic plan and project management to develop a logical framework for implementing a new project. This specific model is used by USAID, NASA, nonprofits, and is starting to emerge in the private sector.

If you have a project you’ve struggled to get off the ground or want to embark on something new, please schedule a free consultation to see if this approach is right for your business.