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How Strategies and Tactics Support Explosive Growth

Some things in life just go together. You know what I’m talking about. Milk and cookies, peanut butter and jelly, apple pie and ice cream, biscuits and gravy. The list could go on and on (and yes, I know those are all food). 

Of course, you could have peanut butter without jelly and cookies without milk, but that would be weird. OK, maybe not too weird, since we’ve talked about how PB&J relates to your business before.So much like peanut butter & jelly, you could have a strategy without tactics, but your success would be minimal and our satisfaction likely non-existent. AKA not delicious at all.

Let’s dive into that reasoning a little bit more.

Deliciously Important: Strategies & Tactics

Continuing the PB&J analogy your strategies are the peanut butter.

Think of marketing, technology, sales, and customer service.

Each of these different facets of your business has (or needs to have) a big idea that you are implementing for growth. For example, a marketing strategy would be to incorporate social media methods to grow your business.

When it comes to identifying a strategy, think big, long term goals.

You can’t implement a strategy without tasks. That’s where tactics come in.Tactics are the jelly. Tactics are the how — all of the little things you are doing to support your strategy. 

For example above, if your strategy is to incorporate social media methods to grow your business, your tactics would be researching the best social media channel(s), identifying the ideal time(s) to post content, creating artwork and content, scheduling the content for your customers, and so on. 

Tactics are what it’s going to take to make the strategy successful.

Strategies and tactics need to be in alignment. Anything less, and you might as well be eating a peanut butter and mustard sandwich.

The Importance of Strategic Alignment

You can’t have a sandwich without bread. As delicious as peanut butter and jelly are it’s inadvisable to hold it in your hand without bread. Your business strategies and tactics must align with SMART goals..SMART goals are the bread. SMART goals not only contain the strategies and tactics (peanut butter and jelly) they help you measure the effectiveness of your efforts

 There’s a reason why people don’t eat peanut butter on rye. It doesn’t taste as good. Your goals, strategies, and tactics are the same way. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Limited. SMART goals answer these questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Your SMART goals support your overall business goals. Also, your goals help guide you as to the best strategies and tactics. My advice is to reserve one SMART goal for customer retention – always.

SMART goals also help you measure the success of a particular strategy or tactic on a specific timeline. You want to make sure you’re allocating enough time to a specific strategy, otherwise, you might give up before it’s had time to flourish. If you want your business to be delicious (like a PB&J) get your strategies, tactics, and goals in alignment. Only then will your business grow exponentially.

Get real-life examples of how to measure your strategies and tactics in this guide: Are Your Growth Hacks Working?

how to explode your growth with strategies and tactics

2 thoughts on “How Strategies and Tactics Support Explosive Growth”

  1. Starting a business is challenging, there’s no doubt about it. But bearing, nurturing, and developing a business is far more complicated than simply starting one.

    This is truly essential to have a firm plan to work on. If the plan A fails you must have plan B or plan C. Because, this is a business where your capital is invested and you cannot easily stop growing just because the plan A do not work for you. I have observed several businesses lose even before the launch, the reason for the failure is half baked (to almost no) business plan. Even if there is a stable strategy, you always need a fixed mindset and focus towards achieving it. Planning is the extremely crucial part of developing any business whether it is online or it is offline.

    This page is effective even for currently flowering startups. Not many startups get funding. Many times you may have absolute faith in your marketing plan, but the man seated at the table may not feel confident about spending their money on your business. This is some really great insight to grow up our business in an easy way. You have really written it. We have to be in great planning to achieve whatever business we are running. Thanks for sharing such an excellent information and got something apart from the digital world.

    • Thank you so much for reading AND for your amazing comments. Yes, many of us aren’t funded – we have a dream, an idea, or something we are really great at that we want to share with the world. One of the things that I try to do is help people get curious about the infrastructure to support the long-term viability of that idea. Passion only takes us so far. But a plan with clear goals supported by strategies and tactics holds us accountable and helps us stay on track for the long haul. I love how you acknowledge the need for nurturing – so many people are resistant to plan because they feel it takes away from the organic nurturing process. I disagree; I think when a business has clear objectives it actually gives you more space to nurture – you’re just nurturing the most effective areas of your business. I hope you’ll keep coming back and reading more! Thanks again, Jen


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