storytelling with emmy nominated producer

Storytelling with Emmy®-Nominated Producer Senta Scarborough

Senta Scarborough was nominated for an Emmy®️ for her production work at E! News on a piece about Joan Rivers. Whether it’s producing for E! News, being a crime reporter in Arizona, or writing screenplays about Al Capone in Appalachia, storytelling is in Senta’s bones. You’re not going to want to miss this week’s podcast — our 50th episode!!

why it's important to love the body you're in

Why It’s Important to Love the Body You’re In with Lucia Pavone

Today, we talk body love with Lucia Pavone is an international speaker, instructor of the art of sensuality, with an emphasis on full body orgasm. Tired of feeling like you’re too much or not enough? Learn why getting to know your body (and love the body you’re in) is the key to happiness.

this is why women must advocate for what they need

This is Why Women Must Advocate for What They Need with Melissa Bird

This episode kicks off our women’s series. It’s an acknowledgment that we are complex human beings. And there are so many different ways we can be stuck.

Sit back, relax, and kick it with a couple of blue girls from rural red states who talk about overcoming fear, imperfect advocacy & standing up for truth and equity. #podcast #feminism Click To Tweet

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