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It’s Always Time to Make Time for Gratitude

So much is happening. And continues to unfold. Are you, your family, and your team making time for gratitude?

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Year round gratitude is a personal value

Year-Round Gratitude is a Personal Value

Too often gratitude is shared on one day. That day is filled with distractions like football and Black Friday sales. On my way out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, I share my thoughts about gratitude and leadership and wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday weekend.

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digital trade offs and you are a gift

Digital Trade-offs + You Are a Gift + Origins Of Grandfathered In

Are you getting just as much value out of your screen time as you’re putting in? I call it digital trade-offs. In the second segment, we talk about how sometimes the biggest gift, is you. And finally, we’re introducing a new segment called equity corner. Because it’s time for white folks to start having honest conversations about race.

Why Gratitude is powerful in life and leadership

Why Gratitude is Powerful in Life and Leadership

Let’s just start with the basics. What is gratitude? It’s the quality of being thankful.

Every year at Thanksgiving time, messages constantly tell us how important it is to be thankful.

First, let’s acknowledge that not everyone considers Thanksgiving a time to be thankful. Just last week I talked to a Native American woman who told me she doesn’t eat at all on Thanksgiving Day because she doesn’t acknowledge it as a holiday to celebrate.

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why gratitude makes you a more powerful leader

Why Gratitude Makes You a More Powerful Leader

Too often we think of surrendering as negative. Surrendering isn’t just done in a time of war — and it doesn’t have to mean giving up — it’s also surrendering to the good. It’s seeing and hearing what is around you so are able to receive opportunities and love. On this episode of the podcast, I talk about why surrendering to gratitude makes us better leaders.

This is Why Gratitude Makes You An Amazing Leader

This is Why Gratitude Makes You An Amazing Leader

Expressing gratitude can be a game-changer – at the office, and in your life in general.

Showing gratitude with a simple “Thank You” is something most people learn as children.

But now that you’re an adult, how often do you take the time to show gratitude? To your significant other? To your friends? What about professional contacts and colleagues?

There’s a growing body of research to indicate that gratitude is more than a “positive emotion” – it improves your health, and possibly the health of others.

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