Third Paddle Podcast

The Third Paddle Podcast is now Women Conquer Business

Since 2018, the Third Paddle served as the name of my podcast. The name is clever; too clever, it turns out. After a year of explaining what “Third Paddle” means, I’ve decided to rename the show to make the audience and purpose clear.

Welcome to Women Conquer Business.

This is the same show. Like the Third Paddle, the content and values are the same:

  • Helping entrepreneurs get out of shit creek
  • Evaluating ‘the way things have always been’ so we can consider another approach
  • Providing a safe space for women and male allies to discuss leadership, equity, strategies, and systems to support their businesses
  • Creating a community of understanding that it’s impossible to conquer your business demons without also acknowledging the bigger world — society, culture, and relationships

During the one-year anniversary show, I stated that there were changes on the horizon.  I’m rebranding the products discussed during that episode as Women Conquer Business.

  • Regular segments on leadership, equity, and tech – I’m excited to have quick segments that give you with a ton of value (I’m gathering an all-star lineup to make regular appearances during these segments)
  • Live podcast events in the Portland, Oregon, area
  • Local Portland workshops and speaking engagements
  • Online courses geared to help you move your business forward
  • Online membership community with amazing bonus content – you haven’t heard hours of gems
  • Online opportunity to ask me questions to feature on an episode – whether you live in Portland or not (I’ve included this feature below)

If you have questions, comments or ideas please email me.


Jen McFarland, Owner
Foster Growth LLC
dba Women Conquer Business™

April 4, 2019


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