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[Video] Time Management

We’re going to talk about time management. Get the top 4 most important steps you can take TODAY to help you improve your time management. (Yes, even if you’re still working from home!)

It was the Rolling Stones who said “Time Is On My Side,” but if you’re working right now at home or trying to manage everything, you might be like, yeah, time is not on my side.

Busy is not the same as productive.

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Fun & Serious Video Highlights (with timecodes)

Mike Tyson’s Face Tattoo

I was watching [00:03:00] YouTube videos over the weekend. I saw a video of Mike Tyson and I was like, “did he have the tattoo removed from his face? I don’t know.” So then all of a sudden I’m in this rabbit hole of tattoo removal, I was watching a documentary about prison tattoos and then how important it is to have prison tattoos removed

[00:03:22] if you were in a gang in prison and like three hours later, I was like, “Wait, how did I get here? Oh, yeah. Mike Tyson’s face tattoo.”

On Multitasking

[00:07:23] By switching between tasks or having 35 tabs open in your browser or trying to manage multiple things, going on all at the same time. So your mom was right. Do things, one thing at a time.

[00:07:40] Gosh, it’s hard when mom is right. Isn’t it. So do things, one thing at a time, remember not all of us are in the 2.5% of people who can multitask.

Plan Ahead … So You Can Say No

if you’ve taken the time to map out what your week is going to look [00:13:00] like so that you can anticipate if things are coming up, when you can say hard no, I’m not going to be able to meet that deadline that you’re giving me today because I have other things on my plate.

[00:13:11] See, because it’s really hard to say no, if you don’t know what’s coming up in your week.

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