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What’s Your Next Evolution?

Liz gets her own podcast (and I’m her FIRST guest!!), Jen gets a new website with awesome business recommendations.

Are you ready for the next evolution?

Are you spending enough time in the quiet or you filling your life with noise and distraction? How much time are you spending in front of the screen?

How much time do you spend listening? and what do you hear?

You see because action and change are all within us. Our next evolution is always waiting for us. It’s always inside of us.

And the more time we spend listening to that and really hearing it the better off we are.

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Transcript: What’s Your Next Evolution?

Jen: Hey, Third Paddle listeners, this is Jen McFarland coming to you live from the Vandal Lounge. On this week show, Liz has a new podcast. I have a new website. And what’s up with your New Year? You have an evolution coming? All that more here on the Third Paddle.

Announcer: Welcome to the podcast recorded at the vandal lounge in beautiful southeast Portland, Oregon. Why the third paddle? Because even the most badass entrepreneurs get stuck up in business Shit Creek. Management consultant. Jennifer Mcfarland is your third paddle, helping you get unstuck.

Jen: Welcome back to the show. This is our first episode in 2019 and there’s so many new cool things to talk about. The first thing I want to talk about is my buddy Liz, you know she comes on every once in a while. We talk about the things and we laugh a lot and we have the joy and the things. So her name is Liz and her new podcast is called word of the week. Let’s just check out a little bit of this intro here.

Liz Zirk: Hi and welcome to the word of the week podcast. I’m your host Lizard. This podcast is bringing you a new word each week. It’s definition and origins, but why Well, because words are cool, but also because they matter. See, we use language to cheer each other up, but we also use it to put each other down. Why not focus on how we can use language to create positive vibes, build each other up, make friends. This podcast aims to give you a little umph to start your week. Bonus point. You might learn a new word.

Jen: Wow, that sounds like pretty awesome stuff. I mean, I think you definitely want to check out the first episode because guess what I was the first guest. Yay. So if you go to anchor.fm/liz-zirk, or you just check out the show notes for this episode, you’ll find a link right there, or you just google word of the week. Liz, you’ll find it and I’m the first guest and we talk about sanguine.

Jen: Yes, sanguine. Which I had to actually look up to make sure I knew what it meant, even though it was an English major and I had to make sure I was saying it right because, well, I read a lot of words and I knew I’d read this word before, but then it was like, I dunno, maybe I was listening to it incorrectly in my brain. So you’re going to want to listen to it because it gets pretty cool. I’m pretty goofy and you’ll learn all about what it means and why it’s an excellent word for the first episode. Be sure to check it out because it lives equally funny on her own podcast as she is when she’s on mine. So please go check it out. And if you really like it, give it a review. A good one because that’s what podcast listeners do and while you’re thinking about it, if you haven’t given this show a review, please give us a review to were available on itunes and just about every other place you can think of under the sun. So please give us a shout out and let us know what you think and definitely check out what are the week.

Jen: Hey. Hey, welcome back. This is the segment where we talk about the new website, so I have a new website, Jen McFarland.com, but before we get into that, I think we should maybe back up a little bit. I recently is. I talked about a couple of episodes ago, went on a trip to Italy and Austria with my husband. It was our 20th wedding anniversary and as we were leaving I told him and a few close friends that I just wanted to be open to possibilities. I really wanted to see what would happen if I just became willing to receive whatever was going to happen next. You see, for the last couple of years there have been aspects of my business that well they haven’t been as fun as I had hoped and I knew that change was a foot, but I didn’t really know what I would be doing next.

Jen: I had an idea that I would be keeping some services, the consulting services and that there would be other services that I would be letting go of, uh, primarily because, um, they just weren’t serving me anymore and I’ve been trying to let these go for a long time. I think we all have things that we like and dislike. I think that the longer we’re in business, we begin to realize the things that we are holding onto a that maybe we don’t enjoy as much. And for me, I thrive when I’m in joy and happiness. And uh, my friend Elizabeth told me last week that I twinkle. So when I’m kind of sparkly and joyful, that’s when I’m at my best. And when I’m doing everyday tasks that aren’t putting me in that joyful place, then everybody begins to suffer. And yet when you’re making a lot of money from it, sometimes it’s kind of hard to let those things go. Right before I left for Italy, I said, I’m open to possibilities. Let’s just see what happens. I have to say that the trip to Italy and Austria was the most fantastic and weirdest experience of my life. There were times when I felt like I had been in Italy before. Never been there before. Don’t know if it was just that I’d seen a lot of the art,

Jen: don’t know, just a deep feeling like I had been there before or seen it before or experienced it before.

Jen: What to Salzburg was just Rad. I mean, if you ever have the opportunity to go there, then totally go there. Um, have to tell you though that on the train ride from Salzburg to Florence, heading back into Italy, I lost. My purse wasn’t stolen. I just left it on the train when we, you know, disembarked uh, stood around at the stop for a long time, didn’t notice, get on the train to transfer and realize that my passport driver’s license, all my credit cards, phone charger, headphones, my favorite necklace, you know, the essentials. Thankfully not my cell phone, which I had had out to take pictures, but pretty much everything else was lost. It was on the train that was continuing onto innsbrook. While I was on a train going back to Italy and that’ll slow you down a little bit, kind of stop you in your tracks. We go to Vernazza, which was just this beautiful coastal town. The trip starting to wind down. My husband falls asleep within like five seconds of going to bed and I’m laying there and I’m like, okay, what’s next Come on. What’s next And I start to fall asleep. I’m like, I have to have to close faster growth.

Jen: And then I kind of woke up and I was like, wait, what I have to do what And I realized that I needed to make a big change and I needed to be more out front and I needed to be my own website and I needed my name out there, which isn’t for everybody. It isn’t what we all do, but I can tell you that when I started foster growth it served me very well and it also allowed me to hide a little bit so people in my local community would be confused because they’d probably be looking for Jen Mcfarland and forget that it was foster growth. And then you start a podcast that’s called the third paddle, and you have a brand called foster growth and you’re trying to make a name for yourself as Jen Mcfarland.

Jen: It was time to make a change. So if you go to jenmcfarland.com, it’ll take you to jenmcfarland.com. I wanted to share with you the thing I am most excited about on the newjenmcfarland.com, and that’s a featured post called Jen’s picks. This is a post that I’ll be updating all the time and for right now it’s all of the best programs that I tend to recommend for my clients. I thought what better way to help businesses get started then to start just publishing out a lot of the foundational pieces that I tend to recommend again and again. So go toJenMcFarland.com/picks. Check out Jen’s picks and let me know what you think. Also, let me know if there are tools missing that you would like some recommendations on and I’ll continue to add them over time. So again, JenMcFarland.com/picks also go to the tab for the podcast where you’ll find episode links for everything, all of the show notes. I also have a listener chat on there, so schedule some time. We can sit down and get to know each other a little bit better and you can let me know what kinds of things you’d like me to feature. There’s also a button on there for guests, so if you’re interested in becoming a guest, go ahead and click that button as well and just check out the new Gen McFarlane.com. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

Jen: So there are all kinds of cool treats out there onjenmcfarland.com and it also marks my evolution. You see because it’s 2019 and we have this new year. And what happens when there’s a new year as you begin to hear people talk about things like resolutions and I used to be someone who made a lot of resolutions and then I decided that I would resolve to be the best me every single day and that making these pronouncements at the beginning of the year didn’t serve me because it meant I put things off until the new year when really I needed to just be doing things throughout the year and making changes and evolutions and taking action throughout the year. I read an article today that said you shouldn’t be planning 2019 right now. You should be planning 2020. And I agree with that. I don’t know that I’m that big of a planner. I think that I also read this week that if you look back at yourself a year ago and you’re not embarrassed, then you haven’t changed enough. I don’t look back in and feel any shame or embarrassment. I’m actually kind of offended by that comment, but I will say I’ve learned a hell of a lot in the last year. I’ve evolved and I resolve to evolve and take action and change.

Jen: What’s your next evolution Where are you headed What course are you charting out for yourself One of the things that I love that I’ve seen all over social media is people declaring a word of the year. Some people have like these really interesting ceremonies around how they come to that word of the year. I’ll share with you that my word of the year is clarity and I spent a great deal of time just sitting in the quiet and realizing that for me the clarity comes when I’m not in front of my computer and I spent a hell of a lot of time in front of my computer, but when I get up early and I watched the sunrise, which honestly sometimes Portland, Oregon is a blessing because it’s so cloudy here in the winter and I make some coffee. It’s like 4:35 in the morning and I just sit there on the couch. I have a large picture window in my living room and a bench in front of it and I’ll sit on the couch while it’s still dark and they’ll just think, wow, I wonder if I get to see the sunrise today, and then I raised the shade and I sit on the bench and I watched the sun break through the trees and the sunrise is truly beautiful and it’s in those quiet moments that I find clarity that I have my moments of Zen, if you will, and I realized that next evolution, that next thing that I need to do, the next action that I need to take. I began to see things differently with more clarity.

Jen: Then when I’m reading the news or playing around on my computer, I have more clarity when I’m playing with my dog, when I’m outside, when I have my toes, squishing between the grass blades are in the mud.

Jen: Are you spending enough time in the quiet or are you filling your life with noise and distraction How much time are you spending in front of a screen How much time do you spend listening and what do you hear you see Because action and change are all within us. Our next evolution is always waiting for us. It’s always inside of us, and the more time we spend listening to that and really hearing it better off, we are.

Jen: Happy New Year.

Announcer: Thank you for listening to the podcast. Be sure to catch every episode by subscribing on iTunes. To learn more, check out our website at


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