Focus on Customers, Not Your Funnel

You remember it. I know you do. The big dress, the beautiful hair, the hopeless romanticism — high school prom. During the months leading up to it, your entire life revolved around finding the perfect dress and the perfect date.

And HE was the perfect date. Mr. McDreamerson. The cool guy, the captain, the owner of the arm that every girl wanted to be on. If you ACTUALLY got asked to be his date you were set for life.That is until the day after prom when your spirits were crushed because he didn’t call you back to go get a milkshake. The day when you learned he already moved on.

Your Existing Customers Are Just Not That Into You Forgetting Them

FYI that jerk is you if all you’re worried about is your fancy business funnel. If all you’re focused on is the next person. That next client. That next project spilling out of your funnel. If you’re not thinking about your customers, then you’re just as bad as that jerk from the prom.In business, you want to keep people around. You want to build a community that loves you, loves what you’re doing, and loves how you’re doing it. That’s why your #1 strategy in business HAS to be customer retention.To achieve customer retention you have to love your clients. Like, legit adore them.

Celebrate Your Customers & They Will Tell Their Friends

Listen to their stories, validate their concerns, and celebrate their successes. Also, every once in awhile you have to give them something (you know, like a little gift or something).When your customers know they are valued, they will talk about you to their friends. They will brag about how awesome you are and tell them about all the beautiful things you can do. When you love your customers your business will grow organically through retention.So, stop worrying solely about your funnel. It’s just one dimension of your business. 

Focus on Customers, Not Your Funnel

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