Turn Your Ideas into Transformative Realities

For 25 years, we've helped organizations adapt and change to a disruptive world through custom solutions that break up complex ideas into manageable chunks while providing strategy and execution.


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Women Conquer Business is a boutique management consulting firm helping businesses navigate a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world with strategy, data, and discernment. Every business, industry, and situation is different; we help clients design the future with structured flexibility so you can turn on a dime and remain aligned.


bespoke consulting approach

Bespoke Approach

Ever notice how one-size-fits-all ... doesn't? Same. Here you'll find creative, custom approaches and solutions tailored to your business needs.

complex problems made easy

Complex Made Simple

When you're too close to a business problem it can be difficult to see the patterns. We help you see the forest, the trees, and your path forward.

strategy and execution

Strategy + Execution

Strategy doesn't mean anything without execution. We help you transform your ideas into strategies, and execute your strategies into realities. 

Jen McFarland Founder Women Conquer Business

Jen McFarland, MPA, Founder, Women Conquer Business®

Meet Jen

Jen has over 25 years of training, teaching, and executive experience in leadership, project design, and project and program management and development.

She developed, led, and executed large-scale public sector projects for the City of Portland, affecting over 50,000 businesses, handling millions of dollars.

We help busy business owners create manageable goals and design strategic projects for maximum business growth.

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What Our Clients Say

"Jen is a REAL wizard and super-shero! With a heart of gold and ears like radar she listened with intent to my needs and concerns. Jen then crafted a system that works for me and my current capabilities with a mindset for business expansion. She found and consolidated the right tools and programs that make my life easier and more effective."

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Learn why sometimes you can't get initiatives off the ground. It's simple, not easy. Get the three keys to reaching your biggest goals