Untie the Knots and Find Joy in Marketing Your Business

If You're Totally Overwhelmed Balancing Marketing and Running Your Business, We're Here to Help.

Jen McFarland, MPA, Women Conquer Business

Let's Slay Your Marketing Tech Overwhelm

YOU: A brilliant, motivated, purpose-driven entrepreneur with big dreams, ambitious plans, and a steaming hot mess of a marketing back-end. 

ME: A project management, strategy, and design genius who eats marketing and operations quandaries for breakfast.

Sound Like You? Let's Talk!

Let's Simplify & Systematize Your Marketing Efforts

Jen McFarland Women Conquer Business

Here's the deal. I worked hard for 10 years as a professional software researcher and project manager at the City of Portland. I led some big projects. And, it cramped my style. Like, a lot. Now, I get to have fun doing what I love AND have a podcast AND wear a hoodie with my Effa Manley hat to work (look up Effa Manley sometime, she's rad!). I want you to feel the same joy about the backend of your business.

Hey there, I’m Jen McFarland. 

I created Women Conquer Business because I’m deeply passionate about supporting women and nonbinary founders, business owners, and entrepreneurs like you … and because I know that many of you find marketing software, systems, and processes deeply overwhelming. 

You want to spend your time and energy sharing your ideas, not choosing between MailChimp and HubSpot. 

That’s where I come in.

I believe that tech solutions should support your business, not run it. YOU run your business.

To put you firmly back in charge, I’ll help you harness the best marketing tools for your unique needs so you can build and promote more effectively.

And when you’re no longer worried about SEO optimization and email marketing processes, you can slide back into your zone of genius, focus on your passion projects, and enjoy the ride!